About the Baker


Baking pulls at my heartstrings.

As a small child, I would stand on a stool and watch my grandmother lovingly mix, stir, knead and create the most delicious cakes and desserts. If I was lucky, she would give me the spatula to lick or a little piece of dough to knead.

As a teenager, I began baking on my own. I would flip through my mom’s many cookbooks until a recipe caught my eye and then I would get to work, often using every bowl and spoon in the kitchen. The smell of homemade peach cobbler wafting through the house, the smile on my little brother’s face as he bit into a fresh snickerdoodle and the satisfaction of frosting a beautiful layer cake fueled my love of baking and I was hooked.

Fast forward fifteen years, I now have a family of my own and have “retired” from my engineering career to stay home with my children. What better time than now to pursue my passion of baking and embrace that tug on my heartstrings?

Heartstrings Baking Company is my love of baking coming to fruition. I can’t wait to share that love with you.